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Connect and collaborate effortlessly with your clients. Build relationships and grow your practice.

PlanSecurely is a great investment and life-planning tool to offer your clients. It can help you both build a roadmap toward a secure future and greater financial security.



View client plans

Quickly access all vital client information during meetings or to help family members manage major events.

Live Chat

Enables instant communication between you and your clients.

Invite clients via email

A pre-designed email campaign can help build client interest in PlanSecurely.

Instant Updates

Get notified whenever a client makes notable changes to their documents or account.

Calendar Feature

Schedule regular check ins and other meetings with clients quickly and conveniently.

30-day free trial

Try PlanSecurely for 30 days, free of charge. What do you have to lose?

“Everything is easy with PlanSecurely. Now all I have to do is click to find all of my important documents! It gives me a lot more peace of mind.”

--Gerald Wood

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