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Organize and share your most important information… quickly and easily.

PlanSecurely helps you manage and organize important accounts, key documents and more, for every stage of your life—in just minutes.

PlanSecurely Make Organizing Easy

Getting your documents and affairs in order can feel like an overwhelming task. And nobody likes to think about the need to plan for emergencies … or even for what should happen after they pass away.

But the truth is, no matter what stage of life you’re in, keeping your information organized can help you plan out your financial future—and keep your loved ones and associates “in the loop” about your plans and wishes.

And if you haven’t yet begun important planning activities like planning for your retirement, or writing a will, PlanSecurely can put you in touch with advisors who can help you get started.

“Everything is easy with PlanSecurely. Now all I have to do is click to find all of my important documents! It gives me a lot more peace of mind.”

--Gerald Wood

Features that make planning and organization easy.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Works on any device
  • Log in and manage docs anytime, anywhere
  • Easily organize documents by type
  • Search tools for financial and planning advisors near you
  • Easily invite designated representatives to access documents and handle your affairs when needed
  • Easily scan or photograph important documents for storage right from your mobile device
  • Keep track of important investment or retirement accounts
  • Real-time account syncing lets you know you’re up to date status
  • Share specific sections of your plan with only select people